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Together, we can achieve your goals ... and probably much more quickly than you think!

The Department of Health recommends that, where CNHC registers the professional discipline in question, you consult with someone who is CNHC registered.

Can you imagine how great life will be without those anxieties, phobic responses, episodes of panic or painful, traumatic memories?  Perhaps you want to feel more confident with learning, exams, public speaking, sport, hobbies or social situations?
What if you could free yourself of that habit, addiction or compulsion without a long, drawn-out process? Leave behind you the legacy of abuse that clouds your every day, improve your self-esteem or lift that exhausting depression? Relieve migraines, IBS symptoms or allergies? Stop that stress getting in your way and improve your sleep at night?

How much better will you feel when you are motivated to exercise, lose weight and focus on your life goals or to enhance your performance with ease and reliability?

Working in private practice and the NHS, I am a female psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with clinics in Worthing, Brighton, Hove, Haywards Heath and Southwick. I use an integrative combination of the best solution-focused clinical hypnotherapy, mindfulness, psychoanalysis, motivational interviewing, NLP and CBT techniques, utilising the most up-to-date neuroscience understandings and powerful approaches to help you break free from the unnecessary restraints holding you back, bringing you clarity and a renewed sense of control and leaving you feeling really empowered and motivated to move forward to your new life.

has been recommended and used for centuries to help people find their solutions. In the very safe hands of a trained and experienced professional, it is a refreshing, gentle, natural and reassuring therapy which can turn your life around without you having to re-live any of those difficult moments that life can throw at us. Researchers from Penn State University, a top US government-funded university, have produced compelling evidence of the medical effectiveness of hypnosis (click here).

Radio 4 programme on hypnosis can be heard here.

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